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If you wouldve asked me 7 years ago what I thought id be doing as a career, I would've never said photography. I always thought that an office job was the dream job for me. I have always loved taking photos & being creative but I never thought it could be anything more than a hobby. Growing up I always felt like an outsider. I was always bigger than other girls, I was always darker & never felt pretty enough. I would look in the mirror & wonder why I didn't look like the girls at school. Growing as a photographer I've learned that my mission is to make my clients feel & see just how beautiful & unique they are. I am here for all the non traditional happenings. Im all for the rules being bent & doing what we are told not to do. I am here to celebrate you in your journey, whatever that may look like. All are welcome & all are loved. Im so glad that you're here & I cant wait to chat about your journey!! 

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