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Woman Empowerment 

"The Women Empowerment series, easily one of my favorite experiences. When Liz first posted about needing some models that would be willing to pose in a bra or topless, and I messaged her I was up for it...I had no idea that I would be getting to be a part of such a powerful and amazing series. I believe this project was a beautiful form to bring awareness and empowerment for many of us who deal with different body image issues. Liz is a wonderful creator, she is engaging, and passionate about what she does. If you think you’re awkward at taking pics, she knows how to make you feel comfortable. I most definitely recommend her, she will make your experience memorable no matter if it’s a solo shoot, couples, or family. She is great!"

Being a woman in todays world is incredibly hard. Lets face it, its always been hard. Woman are constantly being told how to act, who to be, what to wear, how to talk, what not to wear, etc. Society has a set of rules that must be followed to "fit" in or to be socially accepted. & Im here to say a big F U to that! When I created this photography series, it was more of a personal project to start speaking out on women's rights, I never imagined it would be loved as much as it has been. It has given women a platform to come & break norms & tell their stories that so many others can relate to. This a complete judgement free zone. You are here to speak out & to finally see yourself in an entire different way. You are beautiful you are strong, you are brilliant. No matter what your story is, its ready to be heard.

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